I'm back!

Hi all! 

Well, although I have kept my Facebook page pretty active, I know the same cannot be said for this website. Over recent weeks I have decided that is going to change! My focus is now going to be back on making this website something special and I look forward to sharing that with you over coming weeks. 

As you know I have had many life changes in the last year and as a result I have also gained a fountain of knowledge to share. I am happily working towards expanding the group for young people I created (almost 500 strong via facebook!) to its well deserved non-profit status. I am working on projects for numerous projects using things I am passionate about - creativity and equality. 

This website will therefore be a working project for a little while, and through that process I will be adding downloads, tips and tricks, links and more. I will leave it there, surprises are fun! 

Thank you to those that have been on this journey with me for so long and continue to support me each and every day. I appreciate the love and adoration I get through letters, emails and calls. I value the praise I receive and although I don't see myself as an inspiration, it makes me happy that people appreciate the work I do! 

With love and well wishes always!