To begin I could explain that I am a daughter, a sister, a cousin, a granddaughter, and niece. I am a girlfriend and a best friend, a confidant and a crutch to many. But that is who I am to other people, today I am going to really think about who I feel I am as a person.. my beliefs and the way I see the world we live in.  I am Chloe to most, ‘Chlo-jo’ to my Granddad, ‘Treasure’ to my Grandma, Nanny prefers Chloe Alice and Mum often calls me Clover! If I am with my partner Jordan you will hear me referred to as 'Bug'... (I will leave that story for another day!) That is my name and like most it has a meaning, but once again it isn't who I feel I am, best get stuck in...

Written by myself, in regards to the common perceptions of self worth in today's society.

One thing I loathe about society is our inability to self-praise. The connotations attached to self-confidence and self-worth leave us fearful of shouting our own praises. Often doing so is labelled as ‘vein’ or ‘big headed’, something that couldn’t be further from the truth. My aim in life is to show people that if we build ourselves firm foundations of self-love and adoration we then have the best chance at reflecting that in the way we treat others! Society has a pessimistic attitude. From a young age it is drilled into us the importance of constantly trying to better ourselves. Although achievements are recognised it is short lived, soon people are back on the path of ‘bigger and better’. There is a pressure to conform to the unwritten rules of life, people are expected to thrive academically from a very young age. There is a need for parents to show off through their children, which often leads to tension, stress and anxiety in our youth.

I chose to share my stance because I am confident in who I am and the way I live. I am passionate in helping everyone no matter what. I make the conscious decision each day to share my life and show that no matter what race, sexuality, gender, ability or disabilities we have, every single person in this world has something to give. Every single person deserves equal chances. Every single person has a right to be heard.

I’ve often been asked; “But you know that alone you are just a drop in the ocean, doesn’t that put you off? You care about people in a way you know you will never get in return.” Which is completely true. BUT, what I do know is that I have the ability to plant a seed in someone’s minds. I have the ability to help one person smile, I have the ability to help a person in distress, I have the ability to set the example other young people need. If we all took this attitude the world would be beautiful!

I pride myself on doing as much as possible to help others. I am someone everyone knows will be there no matter what time of day or night. I am the person that will chose to make something knowing it will take twice as long and be half the price in the shops. I am the person that doesn’t mind working hard for free because my payment is the thanks I receive and the knowledge I have made someone's life a little easier or more worthwhile.  Helping others makes me feel like I have purpose and that I am doing my part to make this world a better place. Helping others should be part of everyone’s day to day regime in my opinion. What use would we be if everyone was just ‘take take take’ with nothing to give? It would be a pretty dismal society. This one I am passionate about. GIVE MORE THAN YOU RECEIVE. Be realistic! If you have time, money, energy, good health, patience, skills or knowledge then why not let others use some of that too? 

I am a peoples person (some would call it outgoing).  I will sit and have a chat with anyone and everyone and truly believe every person has an interesting story to tell if you are willing to give the time to listen. Some would say I am stubborn, I like to call it determined! I enjoy learning new skills, both practically, and psychologically- especially when I know I can them go on to use those skills and help others. I do my best to be upbeat and see the good in every situation. Patience isn’t my strong point but I remind myself often we are all a work in progress! I care about others hugely and I will do all I can to help someone in need, no matter who it is. 

I love my family- I love the way we unite through the difficult times, laugh through the fun times, share memories for a lifetime and work together as one. I love that each member of my family plays a different role in my life, whether that be my confider, my comforter, my friend or my role model to name a few. I take comfort from the fact I know my family will never leave me, despite how much we have all been through.My incredible Boyfriend has widened this area of my life, slowly beginning to think about our own family in the future too!  


 I love art, crafts and drawing- I will always have a Pinterest DIY on the go! Whether this be art I create or art I appreciate, I love it in every form. There is something very special about exploring new techniques, I adore gathering together as many materials as possible and sitting down to see where a project will take me. I love that there is no right or wrong in art, it is simply a matter of judgement and opinion. I love that art is such a broad spectrum, there is always something new to explore! I love that so many things fall under the category of ‘art’, but my favourite is creating art in a practical form. I appreciate other people’s work and talent, but I would much rather be getting stuck into it myself. I love that there are no boundaries and no limits to what you can create. With art there literally is no stopping me, I will create something out of scraps and ends, because I believe that little things can be just as magnificent and big things. I love that art can document things just as well as words. A picture can in fact speak thousands of words at once, sometimes emotion comes screaming from the piece and other times it lingers softly in the background making you work harder to try and find out what it is trying to say.

I love the natural world- I love how nature is so raw and so perfect before it is touched by mankind. Frosty mornings, bright summer nights, crunchy leaves in all different shades, blossoming trees, the smell of cut grass, the sound of a trickling stream. It is all just so beautiful! I would never change living in the countryside for the world. Whilst the city is the right place for some people I am sure, I will only ever be a visitor! I love waking up in the morning knowing that I am surrounded by beautiful nature, listening to the birds chorus as they let us know the day will soon begin. To me nature is the foundation of life. I take comfort in the fact my lungs are being filled with fresh crisp air and feel blessed to have such stunning surroundings.

I love lists, structure and routine- If you walked into my bedroom you would think I am a messy person. I hate throwing things away because I always see a second use in things, I suppose I am good for the environment, but not so much the state of our house! But my mess to me is organised. Other people may not know where things are but I absolutely do (most of the time). I know where to find a piece of lace, some cardboard, a pebble or a bead. I can put my finger on the skirt I wore Tuesday last week (unless my loving Mummy has put it in the washing!) Structure and routine brings me comfort because I know exactly what is going on and when, it lessens anxiety and brings out the confidence in my stride. I do not like it when plans go wrong- this is something I am having to learn to deal with, as it happens very frequently These days!

A lesson to learn from bees; dedication, determination, focus and exploration are the foundations to making something incredible!

A lesson to learn from bees; dedication, determination, focus and exploration are the foundations to making something incredible!

I love capturing precious moments in a photograph, whether that be something significant like a family members wedding or something as simple and spontaneous as a lady bird on a leaf.

I love children. I love how children’s brains are like a sponge and they soak up all the information surrounding them, their ability to learn so quickly fascinates me. I love how you can nurture a child right from day one. I adore the way that they come out with such quirky sayings and comments that bring tears of laughter to your eyes. I thrive on the knowledge that we are responsible for these children to become the adults of the future and by investing all we have into them,

I love the elderly too. I love that this generation has done SO much for us, and now it is our turn to return the favour and give them the treatment and respect they deserve. I love that the elderly have stories to tell from years ago that you couldn't possibly imagine. They cook the best cakes and give the best hugs. I love that older people are so much wiser and a great to turn to for knowledge and advice. I love the cheeky side older people have- showing glimpses into what they were like as youths. 

To me it is really important that this page doesn’t involve my illness and that's why this paragraph is last in the list. Illness takes up A LOT of my life, but I refuse to let it in where it is not welcomed. One thing that has become a part of the person I am is being a voice for those that have been silenced by their illness. I choose to advocate for those that don't feel strong enough. I share my knowledge and experiences on the journey I have faced and support others who are similar to myself. I work to ensure that one day people with an illness or disability will not have to feel secluded, vulnerable, the minority, mistreated or misunderstood. Each and everyday I work hard to show that I am still Chloe, my interests, opinions, thoughts and feelings are still as they have always been. Like others they have changed and matured with time, but my core being if still very much the person I have always been and that wont ever be something I will let go of! 

So, whilst the rest of this website will be to help others, I thank you hugely for spending the time to learn a little about me too. 

I dream of independence and a place to live comfortably. It’s not much to most people to have a toilet and shower, a small space to sit at a desk, perhaps a sink to wash my hands. This is something that would mean the world to me. In the last year and a half my life has been turned upside down and I have had to get used to major changes in my strength and abilities. It would be a huge help to me if I had a space to get used to my new way of living without feeling that I am not safe or capable of moving around the space I live in every day.
— Chloe