"When the project is finished is when I will reach the light at the end of the tunnel, I am more than excited!"- Chloe

Because of Chloe’s complex and debilitating, chronic and acute illnesses, Chloe has had to live in hospital.  In order to come home several adaptation have to be made to our home to accommodate her hospital bed, hoist and equipment as well as storage of her medical and feeding supplies.  Our home is not suitable to be adapted, therefore our only solution is to transform our garage into a living space for Chloe; this means knocking down the original structure and creating a purpose built building with access that meets her needs. By creating this space we will be transforming Chloe’s life. She currently feels very poorly because of her medical situation and at 19, Chloe longs for her independence.

The space we will be creating, will be a purpose built apartment with all the things Chloe desperately needs to accommodate her illnesses. It will not only be functional, but a space to fit Chloe's personality and a place she enjoys to be (as that is where she spends a majority of her time). The space needs to include necessities such as a wet room, storage supplies and a hospital bed. But the space also needs space for Chloe to do the craft and art she loves, to sew and watch films and act like a normal 19 year old girl.

Chloe desperately wants to continue her studies in the future, so the apartment will need a desk and computer space for her to do this, at a time she may be well enough.  

At the end of the day Chloe just wants to live a life that is as 'normal' as possible. Her health has declined so quickly that she longs for the life she has left behind. She has always been an independent person, and it is important she still feels this way. Chloe is so excited about the new build, and does all she can to help. 

Thank you for your time, I hope you can be involved in supporting Chloe.