My tubes are my army, and I will never be ashamed of them being a part of me.

Some people find it hard to show their tubes, some feel embarrassed, ashamed or fear the reaction of others. Some people don't want to have to explain their story every time someone sees a foreign object protruding from their skin. Me? I do not think my tubes are pretty, but I will never be ashamed that they are a part of me. I will never be ashamed of medical intervention that keeps me alive. They are growing in numbers, my little tube army. The front line in the battle against my body. With them? I win, I have a 100% survival rate as I am typing this right now. After all my body has been through and is going through I think it deserves some help from medical intervention. To me my tubes represent strength, without them my body becomes weak, My 100% survival rate starts to become threatened. So I will wear my tubes with pride, with gratitude and with hope- that they will continue to help me battle on the front line and succeed in giving my body what it needs to be strong, and fight the rest of the battle that tubes cannot reach. I will happily tell my story every time someone asks, because it means that some has taken the time to learn, instead of stare or turn away. I will share my story because you never know who it might reach and help, perhaps fitting a piece into a puzzle of their own. My tubes tell a story of an ongoing battle. They are an external reminder of the internal turmoil that my body faces everyday. They can be hidden, and that's when invisible illness is most apparent, I don't believe what you can't see can't hurt you, because it's what I cannot see that hurts my body most, these little guys? They're on my side.